"All is fair in love, war and Challenges" -Bananas

Latest Scoring: Episode 11

It's over. The ref is calling the fight. Brandon has this wrapped up thanks to Theresa coming back to replace Nia. He has three players left in the final and he is ahead of everyone but Nick, who has no players left.

Special shoutout to Katrina, who didn't score enough points to be 10 of the 20 individual players. And there is still time for Jay to take 2nd and eclipse that total

Alex 225
Dustin 5
Jordan 115
Brittany 105
Thomas 0
Ben 270
Leroy 140
Hailey 5
Bananas 65
Jonna 60
Brandon 295
Jay 40
Jessica 5
Sarah 130
Theresa 120
Chris 160
Averey 75
Knight 0
Nany 85
CT 0
Katrina 65
Wes 60
JJ 5
Jemmye 0
Diem 0
Nick 355
Zach 50
Reilly 75
Nia 225
Simone 5

Episode 10

This finish is going to be *very* tight. But here is how it breaks down considering that the final challenge win is worth 100 points.

To sum it up even further:

Episode 9

Brandon is firmly in control at this point. Not only does he have the most points but he has three people still alive. A lot can still happen, but the end is near.

Episode 8

Bunch of points this week. Ben had a huge week, and with the way it looks like the exiled players are coming back soon he is in great shape. Brandon and Nick are in good shape as well, but this is far from over. The next episode is going to very pivotal towards showing who the favorite is.

Episode 7

A lot of moving and shaking this week. Ben got a ton of points and is in really good shape. Brandon also go a bunch of points thanks to Jay out of nowhere scoring some points. Not knowing the outcome of the second Exile technically means two teams are still exiled. Whichever of those two teams survives could really impact how this league turns out.

Episode 6

No finish to the dome, no exile, not a lot of points this week. But a huge week for Brandon so far.

Episode 5

Nick and Ben were the big winners this week, and things are getting very interesting. Poor Katrina is probably done for unless Wes just goes on an incredible run. Brandon started slow, but he made up a lot of ground and still has some solid players alive.

Episode 4

Interesting week as for the second straight week we said good-bye to someone forever. Brittany and Adam continue to just rack up points and Alex has a pretty healthy lead at the moment. Katrina only has one live player, but Wes is champion! Meanwhile Nick remains the only person without someone completely eliminated from his team. Amazingly Nia and Leroy are the only two players still alive without any points scored. How long can they keep it up? Lots of challenge left.

Episode 3

Rough episode that saw Diem and CT leave. Meanwhile Adam and Brittany go to another Dome and win again. They are proving to be the big scorers so far, but no one in our league has Adam. Alex just keeps racking up the points, but she is down two people already. Katrina looks to be in a bit of trouble with two people out of the main game.

Episode 2

Lots more scoring in week 2! Johnny Portland was the big winner with points for winning an elimination and getting called out by TJ for a weak effort. Averey got points for crying and winning an elimination. And Jenna keeps getting points even though no one has her. Alex has one in exile and one eliminated. Tough road ahead.

Episode 1

Interesting first episode. No points scored outside of challenges. Although it sure looked like Avery should have gotten points (maybe points don't count during the interviews?) for crying. Alex and Brandon both had a player exiled, but it is still unclear what that even means. Is it time for episode two yet?!